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Syria Accuses Israel of Airstrike on Military Facility

Syria accused the Israeli air force of attacking one of its military facilities, just weeks after Israel served notice to friends and foes alike that it won’t let the war there breed new threats to its security.

Netanyahu Slams Israeli Media as ‘Fake News’ in Defiant Speech

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, facing mounting legal troubles that could force him from office, gave a defiant speech to thousands of supporters in which he accused “left-wing” Israeli media of trying to topple his government through a campaign aimed at pressuring the attorney general to indict him.

Is Israel the Jewish State? Not According to Its Own Laws

For years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has argued that a key obstacle to peace is the Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. There’s only one problem: Netanyahu hasn’t even gotten his own government to define the state that way.

In Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Parsing What Trump Left Unsaid

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government wanted to hear Donald Trump announce he’s moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Palestinians would have liked Trump to publicly back their aspiration to statehood.

Trump Bets Arab Fears of Iran Threat Can Win Mideast Peace

Donald Trump is betting that Arab nations hold the key to securing peace between Israel and the Palestinians, a paradoxical premise founded on his belief that shared concern over Iran will bring longtime rivals to the bargaining table.

Trump Makes Israel Peace Bid by Trying to Leverage Iran Threat

President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said they saw an unprecedented opportunity to achieve an elusive Mideast peace agreement as formerly hostile Arab nations join with the Jewish state to confront their common rival, Iran.

Trump Drops Two-State Solution as Keystone of Mideast Peace

President Donald Trump said Wednesday he would be open to a Mideast peace agreement that doesn’t include separate states for Israel and the Palestinians, abandoning a U.S. position that has underpinned more than a decade of failed negotiations between the two sides.

Israel Wants Trump Understandings on Settlements, Minister Says

Israel should try to reach understandings with Donald Trump’s administration that would allow for intensified construction in West Bank settlements and the possible extension of Israeli law to one of the largest communities there, Israel’s justice minister said.

Israel’s Diplomatic ‘Bright Future’ Runs Into Settlement Anger

Benjamin Netanyahu likes to boast of the new allies Israel has made around the world, and how they’ll blunt criticism of the Jewish state in international forums. He’s also praised the “true friend” Israel will have in the White House once Donald Trump takes over, after eight years of frosty relations with Barack Obama.

Netanyahu Looks for Fresh Start With Trump After Obama Years

Strained U.S.-Israeli ties reached another low as Secretary of State John Kerry and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traded blame over the stalled Middle East peace process, with President-elect Donald Trump vowing a fresh start when he takes office on Jan. 20.

Kerry Calls Netanyahu’s Settlements Stance a Threat to Peace

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the chances for Mideast peace are increasingly at risk as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government backs the expansion of settlements in the West Bank, contrary to both sides’ stated goal of fostering a “two-state solution” to the conflict.

U.S. Abstains From UN Vote Criticizing Israeli Settlements

The Obama administration abstained from voting Friday on a UN Security Council resolution critical of Israel’s settlements in the West Bank, drawing accusations from the Israeli government that Washington had abandoned its closest Middle East ally and dealt a blow to the chances of peace talks with the Palestinians.

Trump Beats Clinton in Israeli Absentee Voter Exit Poll

Trump gets 49% vs. Clinton’s 44%, according to poll of 1,140 respondents conducted by iVoteIsrael and Keevon Global Research sent by e-mail. The poll has a ~3% margin of error Among ultra-Orthodox, Trump receives 85% support; 75% of seculars support Clinton When asked which is most important issue, 43% of voters say foreign policy including Israel, 10% say influence on Supreme Court, 7% say jobs/economy, 6% say terrorism/national security