Max Abelson

This 2011 Quote About Gary Cohn Might Shed Light on His Current Dilemma

Gary Cohn hasn’t gone public with his thoughts since Donald Trump equated torch-bearing white supremacists with protesters marching against hate speech. But Orin Snyder, a prominent New York lawyer and friend of the former Goldman Sachs president, gave some insight into his thinking in a 2011 Bloomberg profile.

Dan Loeb Under Fire From De Blasio, Cuomo for KKK Analogy

Hedge fund manager Dan Loeb was condemned by top New York officials Friday after the New York Times reported he said the state senate’s Democratic leader had done "more damage to people of color than anyone who has ever donned a hood" because of her support for the teachers’ union.

Top Clinton Donor Wants a Law Against $1 Million Gifts Like His

Mickey Mouse figurines and photos of grinning politicians surrounded the 90-year-old investor Bernard Schwartz in his Manhattan office on Thursday. Four days earlier, new federal filings showed he gave $1 million to a super-PAC supporting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, making him one of her top backers and part of the campaign-finance system that her rival Bernie Sanders calls undemocratic and corrupt.

Even Goldman Sachs Has Bailed on Bush

Jeb Bush turned out to be such a bad investment for bankers at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. that the hundreds of thousands of dollars they threw at him has become a company joke. At least one senior person at the firm likes to remind his colleagues that their donations to his White House race haven’t worked out so well.

Record Wall Street Money Flows to Republicans

The $169 million from donors in the securities and investment industry is the most they’ve ever contributed in a midterm election, according to Center for Responsive Politics data.