John Heilemann

John Heilemann is co-managing editor of Bloomberg Politics. He has covered politics, business, and their intersection for twenty-five years in America and abroad. A regular contributor to MSNBC's Morning Joe, he is the co-author of the runaway international bestsellers Game Change and Double Down, on the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, respectively.

The Hip-Hop View of the 2016 Election With Fab 5 Freddy

One of the more formative memories for any American hip-hop aficionado of a certain age is the emergence of Yo! MTV Raps. The show suddenly brought the streets to the suburbs and raised a social consciousness all around the U.S.

What Colin Kaepernick’s Political Protest Says About the NFL

The NFL is a league that has always been focused on order, power, and control. Players are meant, mostly, to be anonymous, interchangeable, and above all, compliant. This is a league, after all, where all the players have masks and non-guaranteed contracts. It's also a league that, for all its issues of the last few seasons, has mostly been able to stay out of the culture wars. But all that changed in a preseason game last month, when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided not

‘Weiner’ Is the Most Compelling (and Cringe-Inducing) Political Documentary of All Time

Perhaps no high-profile political campaign has exploded with such ferocious tabloid force as Anthony Weiner's 2013 New York City mayoral run. Forced to resign from Congress after his notorious 2011 Twitpic scandal, Weiner, with the assistance of his wife, longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, ran for mayor in part to bring his family "back to normal." But what happened next was anything but: Accusations of more Weiner photos, the emergence of Sydney Leathers and a good old-fashioned New Yor

Why Did Washington Break Up With Hollywood?

The fourth episode of our <em>Culture Caucus</em> podcast observes that celebrities in the Obama White House are most often from the music industry, or the world of sports. We also interview A.O. Scott, the <em>New York Times</em> film critic and author of the new book <em>Better Living Through Criticism</em>.

The Culture Caucus Podcast, Episode 1: Political Comedy in 2016

With primary season almost upon us, we’re taking a look at the election through the prism of pop culture. In the first episode of our new biweekly podcast, we wonder: In a post-Jon-Stewart world, who’s setting the late-night political agenda? And which presidential candidates are using technology to best effect?

Carly the Conqueror

Fiorina broke through and Trump got hammered—and at the Reagan Library debate, the GOP establishment failed to get the race under control.

Where Joe Biden Is Coming From

The vice president's emotion-laden impulses may lead him to challenge Hillary Clinton, no matter how stark the electoral realities are.