Thomas Penny

Theresa May Heads to Brussels to Try to Break Brexit Deadlock

Over dinner in Brussels, Prime Minister Theresa May will plead with Europe’s top negotiator to help unlock Brexit negotiations, as politicians back in London are sounding out cross-party alliances to try to stop the U.K. leaving the European Union without a deal.

Johnson Falls Into Line Behind May

U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson fell into line behind Prime Minister Theresa May in a speech to the Conservative Party conference on Tuesday that unreservedly praised her handling of Brexit.

British Politics Heads to Radical Places

For a generation, aspiring British prime ministers on both sides of the aisle sought power by attempting to take the middle ground. It worked for Tony Blair, David Cameron and even Margaret Thatcher. Then Brexit happened.

Johnson Faces Backlash as MPs Seek Ouster for Brexit Article

U.K. lawmakers called for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to be fired after he threw himself back into the Brexit debate with a newspaper article that was seen as undercutting Prime Minister Theresa May days before she is set to refresh her own strategy for the split.

Jeremy Corbyn Welcomed as Hero by Unions But Quiet on Brexit

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn received a hero’s welcome from the Trades Union Congress on Tuesday as the underdog who erased U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s majority in June’s election. Rather than clarify his position on Brexit, he barely mentioned it.

Tax Wealth or See the U.K. Tear Itself Apart, Cable Warns

The U.K. should increase taxes on property and inheritance or risk tearing itself apart because of growing inequality, Liberal Democrat party leader Vince Cable warned, as Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby also weighed in on Britain’s “broken” economic model.

Brexit Repeal Bill Faces a Bumpy Parliamentary Ride

The repeal bill published by U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s government in July to enshrine all European Union law in domestic legislation is due to return to Parliament. It’s now reached the point where rebels have pledged to make their stand. More than 300 amendments have been tabled along with almost 60 new clauses. The government argues it needs more time to assess all the proposed changes. Opposition lawmakers, and even some of May’s own Conservatives -- are raring for a fight to overhaul

Hammond Might Push Back Balancing U.K. Books to 2027, Times Says

U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond is planning to use his budget statement this fall to say it may be another 10 years before Britain’s public finances are balanced, the Times of London reported, without saying where it got the information.

U.K.'s Davis Expresses Hope for Trade Deal With EU Before Brexit

Brexit Secretary David Davis expressed optimism that the U.K. and European Union could still strike a trade deal before Britain leaves the bloc in March 2019, a more bullish stance than that adopted by other members of Prime Minister Theresa May’s government.

U.K.'s May Unveils Brexit Repeal Bill as Opposition Mounts

Theresa May unveiled the landmark law that will remove Britain from the European Union, setting up clashes with opposition parties and the Scottish government that will prove the prime minister’s biggest tests since her Conservative Party lost its parliamentary majority.

Corbyn Invokes Machine Breakers in Plea Over Technology and Work

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the U.K.’s opposition Labour Party, will invoke the memory of radicals who broke machines in the early 19th century as he calls for increased investment in education and training so workers can keep pace with advances in technology.

May's Office Misled Over Tower-Block Risks, Ministry Says

Prime Minister Theresa May’s office gave misleading information about the number of high-rise apartment blocks covered in materials suspected of aggravating last week’s fire in west London in which 79 people died, the ministry dealing with the issue said.

Brexit’s Repeal Bill, No Longer ‘Great’ But Vital: QuickTake Q&A

The Repeal Bill published by Prime Minister Theresa May’s government on Thursday -- downgraded from the “Great” Repeal Bill -- will be seen as a milestone in Britain’s ongoing departure from the European Union. Its passage into law not only will involve a pile of paperwork, but it has opposition lawmakers and the Scottish government raring for a fight. There are many months of work ahead -- and no shortage of additional legislating -- before Brexit is a reality.