Christopher Flavelle

Christopher Flavelle covers climate change and adaptation policy, and the business implications of those policies, for Bloomberg News. He was previously an editorial writer for Bloomberg View and a senior policy analyst at Bloomberg Government. Before joining Bloomberg, he wrote for ProPublica, Slate and Newsweek.

Vacant U.S. Posts Hamper Hurricane Aid as Irma Set to Strike

The Trump administration’s slow pace of appointments has left vacancies in key posts related to emergency response, something that may hamper efforts to help victims of Harvey’s record rainfall and Hurricane Irma’s punishing winds.

FEMA Is Almost Out of Money and Hurricane Irma Is Approaching

With Texas still reeling from Hurricane Harvey and another storm barreling toward Florida, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is expected to run out of money by Friday, according to a Senate aide, putting pressure on Congress to provide more funding this week.

Harvey Could Reshape How and Where Americans Build Homes

Jerry Garcia’s home in Corpus Christi missed the worst of Hurricane Harvey by just a few miles and lost nothing more than some shingles and his backyard pier, which turned up further down Oso Bay. A 5-foot bulkhead and sloping lawn shielded it from the flooding that’s devastated parts of Texas.

Western Monuments Set to Be Reduced Under Proposal to Trump

The Interior Department is recommending scaling back but not overturning some controversial national monument designations, an initial step toward fulfilling President Donald Trump’s vow to stop a "massive federal land grab" by his predecessors that put oil, timber and mineral riches out of reach.

Climate Bonds Pioneered by Goldman Lure Storm-Plagued Cities

As climate change pushes U.S. cities to build protections against stronger storms and more frequent floods, the Rockefeller Foundation is helping cities with a novel kind of financing, one that transfers some of the risk of innovative projects from cities to investors.

Trump to Speed Up Public-Works Permits, Drop Climate Order

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday that’s designed to streamline the approval process for building roads, bridges and other infrastructure by establishing “one federal decision’’ for major projects and setting an average two-year goal for permitting.

Climate Reports May Slow Trump's Push to Undo Obama-Era Rules

A pair of highly anticipated government studies, one of them due to be released this week, could complicate President Donald Trump’s effort to roll back federal climate regulations, according to people on both sides of the debate over global warming.

Insurers Stand to Expand Role in Federal Flood Program

Democrats and Republicans, who have agreed on little this year, have found common ground on plans to give private insurers greater access to the $5 billion flood insurance program and to offer more buyouts for homeowners in areas likely to be repeatedly submerged.

Trump Budget Slashes Climate Spending

President Donald Trump’s first budget request to Congress would cut or eliminate a range of programs designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well those helping communities prepare for more intense flooding or hurricanes expected to result from climate change.

EPA Staff Yanked From Alaska Summit as Trump Team Weighs In

Just three days before this week’s environment conference in Alaska, the top Environmental Protection Agency official in Anchorage called the organizer with some news: The agency had been instructed by the White House to slash the number of EPA staffers who could attend.