Zainab Fattah

Saudis Bomb Yemen Palace as War Takes New Turn With Saleh Death

Saudi Arabian warplanes bombed the presidential palace in Yemen’s capital, stepping up attacks on Houthi rebels after they killed the country’s former president just when he appeared set to switch sides and offer the Saudis a way out of the conflict.

Qatar Fund Seeks U.S. Deals In Defiance of Gulf Crisis

Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund is pressing ahead with plans to invest in the U.S. to show that the political crisis with Saudi Arabia and its allies hasn’t impacted its ability to strike global deals, according to four people with knowledge of the matter.

Why Punishing Qatar Could Also Hurt Its Gulf Rivals

The four nations who cut diplomatic and trade links with Qatar last month will find it difficult to significantly increase the stakes for the world’s largest gas exporter without hurting their own economies.

Qatar's Isolation Holds Despite Tillerson's Diplomatic Shuffle

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson engaged in a lightning round of shuttle diplomacy in Saudi Arabia Wednesday, his latest move in a so-far unsuccessful effort to get a four-nation coalition’s diplomatic and economic squeeze of Qatar lifted.

Details of Two Secret Deals Fuel Qatar Spat

The release of two secret accords that helped end a 10-month diplomatic impasse between Qatar and some of its Gulf neighbors nearly three years ago is fueling the spat that has convulsed the region since early June.

Saudi Bloc Slams Qatar But Stops Short of Imposing New Sanctions

The four-nation alliance that severed ties with Qatar rejected its response to their conditions for ending their monthlong showdown yet stopped short of announcing new penalties, a reflection of the constraints they face in trying to dictate changes to its foreign policy.

Qatar Responds to Saudi Bloc Demands as Trump Works Phones

Qatar delivered its official response to the 13 demands made by the Saudi-led coalition that cut diplomatic and transport links with the country, as President Donald Trump and Kuwait’s ruler stepped up efforts to resolve the monthlong crisis.

What's Next in Qatar’s Spat With the Saudi-Led Alliance

Qatar’s 10-day deadline to submit to 13 demands of a Saudi-led bloc was extended to Wednesday at the request of the emir of Kuwait, a mediator in the conflict. Even with the 48-hour extension, there are no signs either side is ready to back down.

What Do We Know About the New Saudi Crown Prince?

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has replaced his cousin as crown prince, a sudden announcement that puts the 31-year-old next in line to the throne of the world’s biggest oil exporter. Prince Mohammed has become the face of Saudi Arabia on the international stage and the architect of its plans to overhaul the economy. The decision settles what many analysts had described as a power struggle with his 57-year-old cousin, Prince Muhammad bin Nayef.

Tillerson Cancels Mexico Trip to Focus on Qatar Crisis

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson canceled a trip to Mexico to try to resolve a crisis in the Persian Gulf sparked by a Saudi-led coalition’s move to isolate Qatar over its ties to Iran and militant groups.

Gulf Crisis Builds as U.A.E. Downplays Chance of Quick Fix

The worst crisis in decades among the Gulf’s Arab monarchies intensified on Wednesday, with a Saudi-led alliance imposing more punitive sanctions against Qatar and a senior U.A.E. official playing down the chances of a quick diplomatic resolution.

U.S. Mediation or Qatar Concession: Ways Gulf Crisis Could End

The diplomatic crisis that enveloped the Gulf region on Monday pits some of the world’s richest nations in a power struggle over regional dominance. An alliance of four Arab nations led by Saudi Arabia is seeking to isolate tiny Qatar over its ties to Iran -- the Saudis’ chief foe -- as well as Qatari support for Islamist movements they oppose.

Saudis to Invest at Least 50% of Aramco IPO Proceeds at Home

Saudi Arabia will spend at least half the money it raises by selling shares in the state oil company on domestic investments, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said in a rare televised address to a nation that’s shown signs of uncertainty over his austerity plans.

Iraq’s Mosul Offensive Risks 700,000 Residents Fleeing

Humanitarian-aid officials warned that as many as 700,000 of Mosul’s 1.2 million residents may flee the fighting after Iraq’s military, backed up by Kurdish forces, began a long-promised offensive to retake Islamic State’s last major stronghold in the country.