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Johnson to Challenge May Over U.K. Brexit Bill, Telegraph Says

U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will this week ask Prime Minister Theresa May for assurances she won’t keep up substantial payments to the European Union during a transition period and could resign if she doesn’t meet his demands, the Telegraph said.

Boris Johnson Heading for Showdown With May in New York

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is again the focus in British politics after his challenge of Prime Minister Theresa May sparked speculation over whether he’s willing to resign if she softens her stance on Brexit or if he could be fired for insubordination.

U.K.'s Labour Backs Single-Market Membership During Brexit

The U.K.’s opposition Labour Party wants Britain to stay in the European Union’s single market for an extended period after it leaves the bloc, a shift in its position that could undermine Prime Minister Theresa May’s efforts to deliver her vision of Brexit.

Johnson Says U.K. Will Pay as Brexit-Backers Fall Into Line

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson softened his Brexit stance by acknowledging Britain will have to pay to depart the European Union, joining fellow Leave campaigners in making concessions aimed at guaranteeing the divorce goes through.

Hammond, Fox Say Transition Won't Be Back Door to Staying in EU

U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and Trade Secretary Liam Fox made a joint declaration that calling for a transition period after Brexit isn’t a way for Britain to stay in the European Union “through the back door,” as they confirmed the U.K. will leave the customs union and the single market.

U.K. Fails to Woo Scotland With Extra Powers After Brexit

The U.K. government aims to sign a deal with Scotland giving it extra powers before the European Union repeal bill comes into force, to stave off a confrontation with Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s semi-autonomous administration.

Britain Wants to Know What EU Workers Do to the Economy

Theresa May’s government has commissioned a report assessing the impact of European Union workers on the British economy a year after she first took office, prompting questions as to why such a Brexit study wasn’t conducted earlier.

May Loyalists Urge Her to Fire Plotters

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is being encouraged to fire disloyal ministers who risk tearing the government apart and handing power to Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn.

U.K. Drops Brexit Bravado as Hammond Appeals to Business

Theresa May’s government has changed its tune on Brexit, striking a more sober and realistic tone weeks after her disastrous election. Gone is the bluster that had prompted European Union allies to chide the U.K. for wanting to have its cake and eat it, too.

Hammond to Urge CEOs to Invest in Making Brexit Work

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond will press British companies to try harder to seize opportunities from Brexit, promising in return that the government will heed their concerns over the split with the U.K.’s biggest trading partner.

Abortion Rights Test May's Delicate Pact With Northern Irish

A vote to give free abortions to Northern Irish women poses a threat to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May because it risks turning Democratic Unionist lawmakers against her on the same week the religiously conservative party agreed to prop her up in Parliament.

May Faces Further Queen's Speech Tests From Labour on Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May will face a further test of her minority administration Thursday ahead of the final vote of her Queen’s Speech as the Labour opposition seeks to introduce elements of its manifesto into her legislative program.

May’s Pay Policy in Confusion After Contradictory Comments

Theresa May’s austerity policy was mired in confusion after ministers and her own office issued contradictory comments about public-sector pay, as her government narrowly defeated an opposition Labour Party attempt to end years of austerity.

Hammond, Carney Fight for City of London as Brexit Talks Start

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney joined forces to defend the financial-services industry as the government seeks to shift its Brexit focus away from controlling migration to safeguarding jobs.

Queen's Speech on June 21 With the U.K. Still in Political Limbo

The Queen’s Speech -- the presentation of Theresa May’s new government’s program -- will take place on June 21, giving the U.K. prime minister a few more days to try and close the deal with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, whose support she needs in Parliament.

May Bids for Government Deal After Damping Tory Rebellion

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May bought herself a stay of execution by apologizing to her own lawmakers for the election debacle as she prepared to meet Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionists to secure the votes needed to prop up her minority government.

No One’s Laughing at Labour’s Grassroots Campaigners Now

It was 3:30 a.m. on Friday when Adam Klug finally decided to try and get some sleep. He’d been campaigning non-stop for weeks in support of Britain’s Labour Party and, as the election results poured in, it looked like his hard work had paid off.

May Scrapes Together Government as Tory Backlash Begins

Embattled U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May scraped together a government by reaching a deal with a Northern Irish party, while one newspaper said Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is preparing to vie for her job after the Conservative party’s disastrous election showing.

Who Could Be New Conservative Leader With May Under Fire?

A shocking U.K. election result threw the Conservative Party into turmoil and has Theresa May scrambling to shore up her position. If history is any indication, the Tories will waste little time in seeking a new leader. So who can lay claim to the Tory crown?

Corbyn Puts May on the Spot by Agreeing to Attend Debate

U.K. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he will take part in a seven-way general election debate on Wednesday night as Prime Minister Theresa May stuck to her position that she would rather address voters than confront her rival on live television.

Labour Vows More U.K. Police, Intelligence Staff to Reverse Cuts

U.K. opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn promised his party will boost police, intelligence and security staff after criticizing Theresa May’s government for cutting police budgets as the Manchester terrorist attack became the central issue of the election campaign.

Scotland's Ruling Party to Pledge End of Austerity With Spending

Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon will pledge to end austerity with 118 billion pounds ($151 billion) of spending across the U.K. in the next five years to boost public services and support families when the party sets out its manifesto this week.