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Europeans Plan to Keep Calm and Carry On With Iran Deal

If Donald Trump declares Friday that the 2015 Iran nuclear deal isn’t in the U.S. interest, the likely reaction from European allies may be best captured by a famous British slogan from World War II: “Keep calm and carry on.”

Merkel Moves Ahead on Untested Governing Coalition for Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she’ll start exploring options for a new government next week, potentially setting the stage for months of talks with the pro-market Free Democrats and the Green party on teaming up with her in an unprecedented coalition.

Merkel Seeks Fourth Term as Germans Vote in Federal Election

Germans headed to the polls in a federal election that will determine whether Angela Merkel scores a record-equaling fourth victory, with the big question being which other party or parties will join the chancellor’s Christian Democrats in her new government.

Merkel Vows German Stability in Final Campaign Pitch to Voters

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made her final pitch to voters saying she’ll keep Europe’s dominant country in the political middle of the road, shouting over noisy far-right protesters as she wound up her re-election campaign before Sunday’s national vote.

Merkel’s Challenger Strains to Draw Differences as Polls Sink

Angela Merkel’s main challenger, Social Democrat Martin Schulz, sought to take a tougher line on the German auto industry and said he’d respond more forcefully to U.S. President Donald Trump as his party’s position in the polls continued to slip.

Here’s What Happened in Week Five of the German Election Campaign

As the home stretch for the Sept. 24 vote heaves into view, it’s hard not to conclude that a fourth term is Chancellor Angela Merkel’s for the taking. The polls have barely shifted over the past five weeks, with Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union-led bloc solidifying the lead it’s held since the spring and no relief for Social Democratic Party leader Martin Schulz.

Merkel Faces Far-Right Protesters on Campaign Trail

Chancellor Angela Merkel shouted “no experiments” at a rally buffeted by deafening right-wing protesters, urging voters to spurn splinter parties and prevent a coalition of the left taking power as Germany faces a growing series of global crises.

Turkey Says Merkel Bending to Populism With EU Accession Threat

A top adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan slammed “populist” exchanges during Germany’s election campaign after Chancellor Angela Merkel said she’ll urge European Union leaders to decide whether to suspend or end Turkey’s accession to the bloc.

ECB Cast as Villain for Germany in TV Debate of Smaller Parties

The European Central Bank came under fire in a second round of debate in the German election campaign, as smaller parties sparred less than three weeks before a vote that presents all but one of the participants with the chance of a place in coalition government.

Schulz Fails to Break Through as Merkel Holds Firm in Debate

Angela Merkel’s election opponent, Martin Schulz, failed to score a decisive breakthrough in their only televised debate as the chancellor stood firm on her record, insisting that controversial decisions on keeping the country’s borders open for refugees and striking a deal with Turkey were right.

Merkel Vows Sharper Response to Turkey After Two More Arrests

Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged to respond “more decisively” against the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after two German citizens were taken into custody in Turkey on Friday, as she ruled out an expansion of the European Union customs union amid tensions.

Behind Merkel’s Platitude-Filled Press Conference Lie Clues About Her Strategy

Chancellor Angela Merkel ranged across the euro exchange rate, the rule of law in Poland and new measures to tackle the refugee influx into Europe during her 97-minute annual summer press conference in Berlin. With less than a month left before the Sept. 24 election, it was her comments on the issues driving her election campaign that resonated most.

Schulz Says Merkel Has ‘Unsettled’ Europe

German Social Democratic challenger Martin Schulz returned to his European Union roots in a speech to several thousand supporters in Frankfurt, accusing Angela Merkel of souring relations with EU allies and being unacceptably vague on plans for euro-area integration.

What We Learned on the German Election Campaign Trail: Week Two

Martin Schulz insisted that the election is far from settled as he held rallies across Germany this week. Bloomberg’s poll tracker does indeed show Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic-led bloc slipping a point to 38 percent in the past week. But it also shows Schulz’s Social Democrats down 2 points to 22 percent. The beneficiaries? Alternative for Germany, which has jumped to 10 percent. That puts the AfD on course to take third place and become the first far-right force in the Bunde

Merkel Says Trump Deserves Respect as President

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she’s obliged to treat Donald Trump with respect because he won the U.S. presidential election fair and square, though she’ll vigorously pursue German interests when policies clash.

Merkel Defends Her Party's Position on Debt

German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected the caricature of her party as obsessed with debt, while her main election challenger attacked her as too accommodating toward U.S. President Donald Trump.

Merkel Questions German Auto Chiefs' Bonuses

German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized bonuses for auto executives, suggesting they may be too high amid a diesel scandal that’s become an issue in next month’s national election.

What We Learned on the German Campaign Trail: Week One

Chancellor Angela Merkel, still well ahead of her Social Democratic rival Martin Schulz in the polls, held rallies across Germany this week at the start of the “hot phase” of campaigning for the Sept. 24 election. Here’s what we learned:

Merkel Jeered on the Campaign Trail as Refugee Tensions Linger

Insisting that “people are doing better’’ than they were four years ago, Angela Merkel made her re-election pitch to a crowd of some 3,000 in a medieval town square in western Germany, a stump speech marred by a clutch of jeering anti-immigration protesters.

Merkel's Election Rivals Roll Out the Big Guns to Narrow Gap

Angela Merkel’s main rivals for the Chancellery stepped up their criticism of her handling of Germany’s domestic and international agenda, slamming her for failing to address the diesel scandal rocking the auto industry and accusing her of kowtowing to President Donald Trump.

Germany's Auto Industry Becomes a Hot Campaign Issue

Chancellor Angela Merkel and her main challenger, Social Democrat Martin Schulz, took aim at the backbone of Germany’s export economy, dressing down auto industry managers as the candidates began six weeks of campaigning before the September election.

Merkel Challenger Slams Trump as German Election Draws Near

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief rival, Social Democrat Martin Schulz, slammed U.S. President Donald Trump and said he still stands a chance to win the election despite polls showing him trailing six weeks ahead of the contest.

Germany Summons Turkish Ambassador Over Detained Rights Activist

Germany’s Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador to demand the immediate release of a German human-rights activist, with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman calling the detention a “serious and sad” turn for German-Turkish relations.

Merkel Says She'll Serve Full Four-Year Term If Re-Elected

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she planned to serve a full four-year term if re-elected and defended herself against a political attack by her Social Democratic challenger that she’s faltered on public infrastructure investment.

In Shadow of Trump Visit, Franco-German United Front Flourishes

Less than 30 minutes before President Donald Trump rolled up at the Invalides complex in central Paris, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel used a meeting in the French president’s office across the River Seine to pledge to bolster Europe’s standing in the global order.