Mark Deen

Macron and Uber Era Threaten Role of Once-Powerful French Union

Philippe Martinez sits in a black leather chair facing a poster of the revolutionary legend Che Guevara in his top-floor, cigarette-smoke-smelling office on the eastern edge of Paris, contending with his trade union’s growing irrelevance to a new generation of workers.

Macron Aims to Keep Paris Climate Deal Alive

French President Emmanuel Macron this week will seek to breathe new life into the fight against global warming and sway debate away from skeptics of the process led by U.S. President Donald Trump.

Merkel's Stumble Slows Leadership Drive for Paris Ally Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron, who has laid out a series of far-reaching proposals for Europe, called for a “stable and strong” Germany after Chancellor Angela Merkel’s failure to form a government put some of his continental ambitions on hold.

Toughest to Come for Macron on French Reform, Labor Expert Says

The relatively painless passage of President Emmanuel Macron’s labor market reform shouldn’t lull investors or France’s partners into complacency because the hardest tasks lie ahead for the young leader, one of the nation’s top social policy specialists said.

Macron to Bring French Public Spending to Lowest in 10 Years

President Emmanuel Macron’s administration plans to cut French public spending to its lowest level since the start of the financial crisis next year and squeeze the tax take to its lowest since 2010 as part of a strategy to remake the economy and revive the nation’s standing in Europe.

Ireland Leads Resistance to European Tax on Digital Giants

France’s campaign to institute a new levy for digital companies such as Inc. and Facebook Inc. ran into early difficulties as the European Union seeks to align its tax policy with more modern and technologically focused businesses.

France Unveils Plan to Fix Labor Markets

The French government presented a plan to loosen the labor code Thursday, President Emmanuel Macron’s high-stakes bet to tackle a stubbornly high unemployment rate and lay the foundations for a broader reform of his country and the European Union.

Macron Faces a Moment of Truth on French Labor Laws

Are France’s strict labor regulations responsible for the country’s persistently high unemployment rate? Emmanuel Macron said so during his election campaign (and again last week) and set to work on liberalizing French labor law almost as soon as he was sworn in as president in mid-May. On Thursday, his government will present the changes it plans to implement by executive order next month. The last three presidents also tried to loosen labor regulations and had to partially backtrack in the fac

Macron's Existential Challenge to France: Drop the Cynicism

President Emmanuel Macron sought to place France at the center of a new age of enlightenment in a major speech Monday, calling on parliamentarians to put aside their post-modern cynicism to revive the nation’s creativity and offer leadership on the global stage.

Two Macron Ministers Quit, Turning Heat on French Justice Chief

Two of Emmanuel Macron’s ministers, both early backers of his bid for the presidency, resigned from his cabinet, underlining the challenge of maintaining a government without a hint of scandal and increasing pressure on Justice Minister Francois Bayrou.

Macron Doctrine Looks Like Same Old France to Angry Italians

Traditional parties are crumbling and the parliament is on the brink of an unprecedented sea change, stirring hopes across Europe that Emmanuel Macron may be able to make good on his promises of revolution. But the French president is still interfering in foreign takeovers.