Mark Halperin

Lynch Says She Expects to Accept FBI Advice on Clinton E-Mails

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she expects to accept the recommendations of prosecutors and FBI investigators on whether to bring charges after their probe into Hillary Clinton’s personal e-mail server, while acknowledging that her meeting on Monday with Bill Clinton “cast a shadow” on the inquiry.

Rubio Camp Said to Be Pursuing Bush Bundlers After Debate

GOP presidental candidate Marco Rubio’s campaign manager, Terry Sullivan, and bundlers Wayne Berman and George Seay have been calling and e-mailing rival Jeb Bush’s bundlers since Wednesday’s debate trying to convert them, according to two people familiar with the talks. According to one of the people, the Rubio camp is finding open minds, some anger over Bush going negative; some Bush bundlers are saying they need a “decent interval”; Rubio camp is casting the discussions as base-touching rathe

What Is Hillary Thinking?

The state of mind in HillaryLand, stream-of-consciousness style, based on interviews with those closest to her.

Union-Buster Scott Walker Goes Bust

On Monday morning, he and his wife met with campaign aides to go over their options before huddling in private. The couple returned to say that he wanted to set in motion getting out of the race.

Can Donald Trump Be Stopped?

The front-runner is a genius at attack, and completely invulnerable so far. So much of the GOP is searching for a way to turn him into a mere mortal.