Campaign Wrap: Will Ryan Find Party Unity in Trump?

Paul Ryan: We Need a Real Unification of Our Party

House Speaker Paul Ryan today called for “real unification” of the Republican Party, and whether he’ll find that at tomorrow’s meeting with Donald Trump is the big question surrounding the session.

  • “To pretend to be unifying, we go into this election at half-strength,” Ryan told reporters at the Capitol today
  • Ryan’s comments follow the stir he created last week when he said he wasn’t ready to back the GOP’s presidential front-runner “right now”—remarks that lead to tomorrow’s meeting

Washington Post’s Dan Balz opines that Trump can never really achieve solidarity with Republican leaders because his policies change so often

  • Balz expresses skepticism that Trump would promise to further conservative policies after November, since he hasn’t followed that playbook so far

Ryan today met with lawmakers who support Trump and who urged Ryan to get behind him, Politico reports

  • Rep. Tom Cole, an ally of the speaker, predicted that Ryan and Trump “will find common ground” in the end
  • Cole called Ryan “pragmatic” and said he doesn’t see “how being at odds with your nominee” would help Ryan retain GOP majority in the House


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Trump told AP he doesn’t plan to release his tax returns before the November election, in part because “there’s nothing to learn from them”

  • Releasing returns has evolved into tradition for presidential nominees; Trump said in interview he didn’t think voters would be interested in his

Trump suggested he’s waiting to attack “crazy” Bernie Sanders while the Vermont senator continues his battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination

  • “I don’t want to hit Crazy Bernie Sanders too hard yet because I love watching what he is doing to Crooked Hillary. His time will come!” Trump tweeted

He said on Fox he’s considering setting up terrorism commission headed by ex-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani

  • He also took credit for Budweiser’s “America” name change


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Washington Post reports that while Sanders won the West Virginia, primary, he won fewer delegates than he needed to stay on track pass Clinton


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Trump hired Eli H. Miller as COO of his finance team, New York Times reports

  • Miller worked as deputy finance director for Marco Rubio’s failed presidential campaign this year; worked for Mitt Romney in 2012

Sanders’ Calif. state director Michael Ceraso has left campaign, Politico reports

  • Politico says he advocated for strategy that involved more investment in state on field and digital organizing instead of TV ads
  • Calif. holds its primary on June 7
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., won’t rule out being Clinton’s running mate

  • “Right now, I just want to be clear. I love my job,” she said in interview with Mic


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NATIONAL: Clinton draws 41% support, Trump 40% in Reuters/Ipsos online national poll of likely voters


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 BP Capital’s T. Boone Pickens said he supports Trump for president

  • Pickens said at conference in Las Vegas he agrees with Trump’s stance on banning Muslims until they are properly vetted


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Trump last month asked CNBC’s Larry Kudlow and Heritage Foundation’s Stephen Moore to help update its tax plan, Politico reports

  • Trump seeks to make plan more politically acceptable by cutting $10t price
  • Proposed revision would raise top tax rate from Trump’s earlier plan, increase number of taxpayers
  • Tax Foundation preliminary estimate of revised plan’s deficit impact is $3.8t, according to Kudlow

Clinton knocked Trump’s tax plan, and her campaign sent a release out saying it would be “an enormous boon for the top one percent of earners”


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New York Times reports that Marc Mezvinsky, Clinton’s son-in-law, is closing his firm’s Greece hedge fund after 2 years

  • Fund lost nearly 90% of its value

Ted Cruz told CNN he’ll seek Senate re-election in 2018

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