Rubio Proposes Regulation Cost Cap in ’Sharing Economy’ Remarks

“I will place a cap on the amount regulations can cost our economy each year. I will also require federal agencies to include an analysis of exactly how each proposed regulation would impact competition and innovation,” Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio says in prepared remarks for appearance Tuesday at Civic Hall in New York to discuss “sharing ecomony.”

  • “Some ideas I’ve had are to maintain the ’physical presence’ standard for taxation of online purchases, to stop discriminatory taxation of digital goods and services like app downloads, and to ensure the Internet remains tax-free”
    • “We have to realize that all of the best innovation in our economy is happening in the unregulated space”
    • “The American people have chosen an economy in which the most valuable retailer in America, Amazon, owns not a single store; the largest transportation company, Uber, owns not a single vehicle; and the largest accommodation provider, Airbnb, owns not a single hotel. Free enterprise has brought us these developments, and free enterprise will bring even more developments in the years ahead”

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