Kasich Strategist John Weaver Says Bush Nomination ’Doubtful’

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich, governor of Ohio, “is in a far better position than Jeb Bush, who has extremely high negatives in all the early states, making his nomination doubtful,” Kasich strategist John Weaver says in e-mailed memo to supporters.

  • “Public polling will continue to bounce around in a volatile race. It is important to note that the Governor continues to have among the highest favorability ratings in the state,” Weaver says
    • “New Day for America remains competitive with Bush’s super PAC in advertising spending in New Hampshire”
    • “Governor Kasich remains extremely well-positioned in New Hampshire – better positioned than most winning campaigns over the past twenty years”
  • NBC/WSJ poll released Sunday found Kasich with 6% support in New Hampshire, down from 12% in late August
  • “We do well here, we’re moving on. We do terrible here, it’s over. No confusion about that. This is very, very important to us,” Kasich said in New Hampshire on Friday, according to Boston Globe

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