Biden, Carson Strongest November Candidates for Each Party: Poll

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump still lead the presidential nomination races for their respective parties, but Vice President Biden and Ben Carson would prove better candidates in 2016’s general election, according to a Quinnipiac University poll.

  • In Democratic race, Clinton gets 43%, Sen. Bernie Sanders 25%, and Biden -- who has yet to decide whether to run -- 18%
  • Trump leads in Republican race with 25%, Carson gets 17%
    • Carly Fiorina third with 12%, Jeb Bush next with 10%; no other GOP White House contenders in double digits
  • In general election match-ups, Clinton 2ppts ahead of Trump, Carson leads her 7ppts
  • Biden has 11ppt lead vs. Trump, ties with Carson, 45%-45%
    • Biden also runs ahead of Fiorina, Bush; Clinton slightly trails those two
  • Clinton and Trump seen by respondents least honest and trustworthy of main candidates
    • 63% Clinton isn’t honest/trustworthy; 57% say same of Trump
    • On flip side, 63% judge Carson to be honest/trustworthy, 62% say same of Biden
  • Quinnipiac surveyed 1,574 registered voters from Sept. 17–21, error margin for entire sample +/- 2.5ppts
    • 737 Republicans interviewed, error margin +/-3.6ppts; 587 Democrats questioned, error margin +/- 4ppts
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