Hillary Clinton Proposal Enforces Laws to Scrutinize Health M&A

Hillary Clinton said in proposal today she will “vigorously enforce antitrust laws” to scrutinize mergers and ensure they do not harm consumers.

  • Clinton noted M&A has risen over past few years in the health industry, both on the provider side and on the insurer side
  • Plan aims to reduce medical costs by continuing shift away from “fee for service” payment
  • In her proposal, she said she will strengthen abilities to block or modify “unreasonable” health insurance rate increases
  • Plan would create a “fallback process” for states that do not have authority to modify or block health insurance premium rate increases helping to prevent insurance companies from imposing double-digit rate increases without clear justification
  • Clinton will also be providing a new, progressive refundable tax credit of up to $5,000 per family for excessive out-of-pocket costs

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