Rubio Running For President Due to Disconnect in Congress

(Corrects to remove quote in headline.)

Sen. Marco Rubio says on Fox News that he decided to run for president because of an “extraordinary disconnect” between Congress and ordinary Americans, adding that Democratic filibuster of resolution to block the Iran nuclear deal reminded him of that.

  • “It goes back to this extraordinary disconnect; it’s only grown worse”
  • “I don’t know what it is, but after somebody’s been there for a long time they become insulated from what life is like for everyday people, what life is like across this country”
  • “Quite frankly it’s one of the reasons why I chose not to run for re-election to the Senate after just four and a half years, and run for president”
  • Republicans should look for new ways to derail the Iran deal, he says
  • NOTE: Rubio will give up his Senate seat even if he loses the election; he is prohibited by state law from running for re-election and for president at the same time in 2016

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