Trump’s Plan for Wall on Mexico Border Divides Public: Poll

A nationwide poll by Monmouth University shows 48% of adults backing construction of a wall -- a proposal Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has spotlighted - - with 43% opposed.

  • Among Republicans, 73% support building wall, with 47% of independents also backing that plan and 31% of Democrats
  • Slightly more than three-quarters of adults -- 76% -- have heard of Trump’s recently released immigration plan; among those, 34% approve of it, 56% disapprove
    • Among Republicans, 59% approve, while 34% of independents back it and 11% of Democrats
  • NOTE: Part of Trump’s plan calls for deportation of undocumented immigrants
  • In poll, 69% say these immigrants should be able to keep their jobs, eventually be allowed to apply for legal status; 27% back deportation
    • In partisan breakdown, 83% of Democrats prefer some legal pathway for these immigrants instead of deportation, with 69% of independents agreeing and 53% of Republicans
  • “There is a clear partisan divide on how to deal with illegal immigration,” says poll Director Patrick Murray. “Proposing a crackdown may help win the Republican nomination, but it’s not clear this would play as well in the general election”
  • NOTE: Survey of 1,009 adults conducted by phone Aug. 31-Sept. 3; error margin +/-3.1ppts.

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