Jeb Bush Says Inversions Should be Ended by Lowering Tax Rates

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush says he’ll outline his tax plan Sept. 9.

  • Small foreign companies are buying larger U.S. companies to take advantage of lower tax rates, and “I want to reverse that,” Bush says at townhall in Hampton, New Hampshire
  • “What we should be doing is have the lower rates, so that happens here”
  • “You would see massive capital investment if you get the tax code right in our own country”
  • Says U.S. companies are stashing $2t in cash overseas because if they bring it back they’re going to get taxed again
  • Calls for “eliminating the worldwide taxation of income,” and “eliminating as many of the deductions as you can”
  • “The basic notion of this is to make our tax code an economic driver for investment in our own country”

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