Trump: Va. Shooting Stemmed From Mental Problem, Not Guns

Mental illness is “massive problem” in U.S. as many people are being released from care because they don’t have enough money, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tells CNN in response to question on yday’s shooting deaths in Virginia.

  • If try to get rid of all guns then “bad guys” would have them and good people would be at disadvantage: Trump
  • Trump says he’s “strong” supporter of Second Amendment
  • Shouldn’t make it hard for “sane people” to get guns
  • Issue of untreated mentally ill people “becoming a very dangerous situation”
  • Difficult, though, to detect a person who will commit violent act, Trump says
  • Trump, who increased his lead among GOP candidates in new Quinnipiac University national poll, says he understands some view him negatively because he’s a “little bit severe” on other candidates; reiterates belief that he will do “great” with women
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