Bush in South Texas Says Trump’s Border Plan ‘Not Realistic’

Building a fence like Donald Trump wants “doesn’t work,” Jeb Bush tells reporters, adding “we need a comprehensive strategy to deal with border security.”

  • “Mr. Trump’s plans are not grounded in conservative principles”; says Trump’s fence plan would cost “hundreds of billions,” is “not realistic” and “won’t be implemented”
    • “You have to have a much deeper strategy"; Mentions coordinating with local officials, including a ‘‘virtual fence’’ that includes drones; says border security needs a clear strategy and time to act, and there is ‘‘too much interference’’ from politicians in Washington
    • Says majority of border crosser are from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador who are ‘‘taking advantage of a loophole in the law, in effect, that was passed a few years ago”
  • Bush says Trump is a “serious candidate and needs to be held accountable”
  • NOTE: Bush speaks after meeting privately with local officials to discuss border security issues and related economic and community issues.
  • Says it was “ludicrous” to for Hillary Clinton allies to say his reference to “anchor babies” is a derogatory term
    • Says is “immersed” in the immigrant experience, and blamed culture of political correctness that dictates “you need to be scolded everytime you say something.”

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