Trump Says Icahn Agreed to Help on Trade If He Wins White House

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says billionaire financier Carl Icahn agreed to oversee U.S. trade negotiations with China and Japan should he succeed in winning the White House next year.

  • Trump says he made the pitch to Icahn 2 nights ago over dinner
    • “He would love to do it,” Trump says at rally in Mobile, Ala.
  • Icahn spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond to request for comment
  • Trump says he’s a “free trader,” but U.S. needs “competent leaders” to make free-trade agreements successful
  • “We don’t make good deals, everyone is killing us”
  • Says China is “dumping tremendous amounts” of steel into the U.S. and the govt is subsidizing it
    • “It’s almost like they want us to just die, and they have no respect for us”
  • On China devaluing its currency last week, Trump says he hears a “sucking action”
    • “Two things get sucked out of us, our jobs and our money”
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