Trump Vows to See If ‘Anchor Babies’ Constitutionally Protected

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says there’s a “very big question” on whether so-called anchor babies, a term used to describe children born in U.S. to undocumented parents, are protected as citizens under the 14th Amendment.

  • “We are going to find out whether it does,” he says at news conference in N.H.
  • Trump says “many of the great scholars” believe such children aren’t protected under 14th Amendment, which has allowed for babies born in U.S. to become citizens regardless of parents’ legal status
  • NOTE: Trump, in immigration plan unveiled last weekend, called for end to birthright citizenship
  • NOTE: Earlier, Republican candidate Jeb Bush said he doesn’t want to abolish birthright citizenship, yet seeks stronger enforcement against “anchor babies,” Politico reported earlier, citing Bush’s interview on Bill Bennett’s talk radio show
  • Trump bashed Bush at his news conference, saying, “I don’t see how he’s electable”
    • Says Bush’s call for U.S. to add more ground troops in Iraq to fight Islamic State militants was mistake
    • “For him to say we need to have skin in the game is one of the really dumb statements”
  • NOTE: Trump, Bush both holding town halls tonight in N.H.
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