O’Malley, in Iowa, Touts ‘Progressive Values,’ Executive Record

“I am not the only candidate for president in our party who holds progressive values, but I am the only candidate for president in our party with 15 yrs of executive experience,” Democratic 2016 contender Martin O’Malley says.

  • The former Maryland governor and Baltimore mayor says his “15 Goals to Rebuild the American Dream” reflects “bold ideas, concrete plans, actions to make our country stronger”
  • O’Malley, speaking at a Democratic event in Iowa that also includes speeches from Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Sen. Lincoln Chafee, emphasizes that he’s a candidate of “actions, not words”
  • Takes aim at financial industry, saying Wall Street bonuses last yr totaled “twice what every American worker working at minimum wage earned combined”
  • Questions why not one Wall Street CEO was convicted of a crime related to 2008 crisis
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