O’Malley: Democratic Party ‘Doing a Bad Job’ With Debates

“The Democratic Party is doing a bad job by trying to foreclose debates, postpone debates, limit debates to just one before Iowa and one before New Hampshire,” Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley tells MSNBC.

  • Should be a “happy medium” between the 20 debates of last election cycle and limited schedule now; 3 debates each in Iowa and N.H. preferable to one, he says
  • When asked if media should be so focused on Hillary Clinton’s e-mail issue, O’Malley says Clinton and lawyers can answer e-mail questions
    • “What I intend to do as a candidate for president is to go to as many fora as I can,” the former Md. gov. says
  • O’Malley says he has record of “getting progressive things done,” not just talking about them
  • On why Sen. Bernie Sanders is getting strong response from voters as a Democratic candidate, O’Malley says Sanders doing “very good job expressing the anger that many of us our feeling”
  • “But no great nation ever built a better future for its kids on anger or division”
  • On Iran deal, O’Malley says agreement is in “best interest” of U.S. national security and hopes Congress approves it
    • “We have to enforce this deal, we have to make sure that it’s monitored, that it’s verifiable and that we are constantly vigilant”
  • NOTE: O’Malley today plans to make appearance at Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, where he will formally unveil 15 goals aimed at reviving U.S. growth: Washington Post
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