Trump Says Would Do More for Women ‘Than Hillary Can Ever Do’

Billionaire Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tells Fox News’ “Hannity” he would do more for women than Democratic contender Hillary Clinton.

  • On Planned Parenthood, Trump says the organization does good things for women, though performing abortions is “brutal” and he’s “totally against it”
    • “We have to look at the positives also for Planned Parenthood”; “We have to help women”
  • On issue of Clinton’s private e-mail server while secretary of state, Trump says he believes the former first lady “committed a crime”
  • The prosecutors, though, are Democrats and may not pursue Clinton, Trump says
    • “Did she commit a crime? Yes. Will they prosecute it? Perhaps no”
  • Trump also says he’s ready to spend $345m or more of his fortune to finance his campaign
    • “Sure I would spend it, if I’m doing well,” Trump says, adding that his income is $400m/yr
  • Trump contends that rival Republican candidate Jeb Bush is “totally controlled” by big donors
    • “I don’t want any body’s money,” Trump says
  • On building wall along Mexican border, Trump says he would get Mexico to pay for it “whether it’s a tariff or whether they just give us the money”
  • On alternative to Obamacare, Trump says health-care savings accounts cost U.S. “very little”
    • Obamacare “is no good”; will cost U.S. too much: Trump
  • NOTE: Trump taped interview before addressing Republican fundraising dinner in Michigan near Flint; he sharply criticized China for devaluing its currency
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