‘Trump Will Never Be the Republican Nominee,’ Charlie Cook Says

Presidential candidates with negative ratings in their own party as high as Donald Trump’s “do not win nominations,” Charlie Cook, editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report in Washington, says in interview.

  • Cook cites polls in which respondents say they would never vote for Republican candidate Trump
    • “This is a summer fling, nothing more”
  • “Far more interesting is which Republican will be able to tap into that anger, that anti-politician, anti-establishment, anti-Washington vein that has fueled him this far”
  • Trump’s comment about not viewing GOP Sen. John McCain as a war hero “didn’t trip him up” because “that element of the Republican Party never liked or trusted McCain to begin with”
  • Still, “seeds of doubt have been planted, fertilized and watered,” and in a few months, Trump will not be “topic A”
  • Cook says Trump’s reported rejection of “very solid advice” from former aide Roger Stone is “further evidence that he will not be able to convert this into a successful candidacy”
  • NOTE: CBS poll last week showed GOP front-runner Trump with highest percentage of Republican voters who say they would be dissatisfied should he become their party’s nominee, at 27%
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