Kasich Defends Medicaid Expansion As Help to Ohio’s Downtrodden

“I had an opportunity to bring resources back to Ohio,” Gov. John Kasich says at the Fox News Republican presidential debate in Cleveland when asked to justify approving Medicaid expansion for his state.

  • Says he used Medicaid funds, provided under Obamacare, to improve treatment for mentally ill in prisons, rehab addicts and to aid working poor
  • Says Medicaid in Ohio is growing at one of lowest rates in country
  • “You should know that President Reagan expanded Medicaid 3 or 4 times,” Kasich says
  • NOTE: Kasich’s embrace of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion for Ohio has caused tension among some Republicans who want to abolish the law
  • NOTE: Debate among the 10 top GOP candidates based on recent polling; earlier, the 7 lowest-ranked contenders squared off.

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