Clinton Signals Market Structure May Be Campaign Plank: Seiberg

Hillary Clinton’s criticism of high-speed traders and broader “shadow” financial system “suggests that market structure reform, especially coming after the NYSE glitch, could become a plank of her campaign,” Guggenheim’s Jaret Seiberg writes in note.

  • “We also see a tougher enforcement regime as part of her campaign push”
  • NOTE: In speech today, Clinton said financial rules need to move beyond Dodd-Frank as many firms still “too complex and too risky;” the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate also said there are “serious risks” emerging from shadow banking system, including hedge funds and high-frequency trading
  • NOTE: Clinton didn’t respond during speech when audience member shouted question on whether she supports restoring Glass-Steagall
  • NOTE: Economist Alan Blinder, a Clinton adviser, said she won’t propose reviving the Depression-era banking law repealed in 1999 under former President Bill Clinton: Reuters
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