Oil Industry Gearing Up Renewed Push for U.S. Crude Exports

API pushing harder to spur Congress to end 1970s-era restrictions on crude exports, mos. after making clear it wanted proponents like Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to stop seeking roll-call votes on issue until more lawmakers on board.

  • Erik Milito, API’s director of upstream and industry operations, says group seeing momentum, angling to put issue inside another bill that might have bipartisan support
  • API looking for lawmaker who might add to must-pass legislation as early as this summer; possibilities include appropriations bill or stopgap measure to keep govt running in event of partisan budget standoff
  • “We’re very optimistic,” Milito says. “The discussion in the halls of Congress is growing very positive about the need for the U.S. to move forward and repeal the ban on crude exports”
  • Difficult to pass crude-export legislation on its own
  • NOTE: House Energy and Commerce Cmte Chairman Fred Upton said this mo. issue deserves to be on panel’s agenda this yr
  • NOTE: Senate Energy and Natural Resources Cmte Chairman Lisa Murkowski hasn’t ruled out including such legislation in broad energy bill her panel is writing, though Democrats on panel aren’t supportive, that could affect her decision

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