Lawsuits Readied Against FEC for Inaction on Super-PACs

Nonprofit group Campaign Legal Center says it will likely file lawsuits against Federal Election Commission to force agency action on complaints lodged as many as four yrs ago involving super-PACs that can raise and spend unlimited sums in federal elections.

  • Paul S. Ryan, watchdog group’s senior counsel, tells Bloomberg BNA’s Kenneth P. Doyle that many of the cases involve super-PACs linked to presidential candidates in 2012 campaign
    • First lawsuits expected to be filed would involve series of FEC complaints dating from 2011, which charged that major contributors to super-PAC linked to Republican nominee Mitt Romney were illegally hiding their identities by listing their contributions under the names of “shell corporations”
    • Other lawsuits regard inaction on complaints involving disclosure of contributors to various candidates, coordination with a candidate’s campaign and republication of campaign materials
  • NOTE: Campaign finance law allows someone filing a complaint with FEC to sue agency in federal court to force action after 120 days if the commission does not announce any resolution of the case

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