Mark Halperin: Will the Old Clinton Playbook Work?

The Democratic presidential candidate and her husband are facing a challenge now like they’ve never faced before.

Will the Old Clinton Playbook Work?

Bloomberg Politics managing editor Mark Halperin speaks after Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign pushes back on the latest revelations stemming from a new book on her family foundation's financial entanglements:

A lot of methods that the Clinton political operation has been using all the way back to the 1990s, branding people who attack them or raise questions about them as political enemies with partisan motivations, looking for connections between people who write about them or talk about them and famous political opponents, as well as branding any story as an old story, a tired story, a story voters don’t care about. This is a playbook that has worked for the Clintons repeatedly, for both Bill and Hillary Clinton through the years. The question is will it work now on this story in the context of her presidential campaign. There are a lot of new journalists, a lot of new news organizations and outlets that don’t necessarily instantly buy the notion that if you brand something old or brand something political that it doesn’t get looked at. The Clintons are facing a challenge now like they’ve never faced and it’s going to have a huge bearing on her presidential campaign.

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