Chief Justice John Roberts Was Not Picked for Jury Duty

The summa cum laude graduate from Harvard Law School was considered for a civil trial involving a car crash.

Chief Justice Roberts

Photographer: Getty Images

It doesn't matter how high up you are: You'll still get called for jury duty.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., for instance, was summoned Wednesday to a Rockville, Maryland, court, where he was considered for the jury in a two-day civil trial involving a car crash, according to the Washington Post. The Montgomery County resident, who is the 17th person to head up the highest court in the land, was not selected.

The leader of court's historically conservative wing and the architect of the compromise that saved Obamacare, Roberts declared that he has a sister who is a nurse and a brother-in-law in law enforcement, but did not mention his job, which he would have listed on a questionnaire, according to the Post.

He did not comment before leaving, but spoke privately with the lawyers and judge.

The Post noted that Justice Elena Kagan has reported for duty twice in the District.

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