Lindsey Graham, Steve King Weigh in On Clinton E-mails

Graham says the controversy revealed a competency issue, while King notes there’s a long Clinton history “most adults don’t remember.”

Graham: This E-Mail Thing Is a Huge Problem

For Republicans at the Iowa Agricultural Summit, it wasn’t hard to imagine the worst-case scenarios for Hillary Clinton’s likely presidential campaign in the wake of her private e-mail controversy. 

During interviews with Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina argued that the controversy suggested possible incompetence, while Representative Steve King of Iowa said the controversy might embolden potential primary opponents.

“This is a competency problem,” Graham said. “Did you not have any lawyers? What kind of shop are you running to ignore the law?”

Graham added that if the same situation happened under a Republican secretary of state and administration, “what would you be asking them?” Graham asked. 

King: Clintons Get Tougher Coverage Than Most Dems

Earlier in the day King, an Iowa Republican, said that he thinks the Clintons are covered “a little bit more toughly” than most Democrats, but added that he doesn’t understand “how the Clintons have gotten a pass on so much that they have done.” 

“There’s a long history of the Clintons that most adults don’t remember because they weren’t paying attention back then,” he added. King said there’s no rush to offer a refresher, because she may not be the nominee. 

“She’s the most high-profile Democrat today that people need to pay attention to because she’s the most likely nominee for president,” King said. 

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