Make 'Em Squeal: Joni Ernst Receives Pig Castration Device from Lindsey Graham

The Iowa senator receives a familiar gift.
Photograph: Twitter

Pigs in Congress, watch your backsides. 

Incoming freshman Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa received an amusing welcome gift from South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham on Tuesday: a mounted pig castration tool inscribed with a plaque that reads "Make 'Em Squeal, Joni!" The daughter of pig famers who was often asked to perform castration duty, Ernst defeated Democratic challenger Bruce Braley to take retiring Senator Tom Harkin's seat in the Senate. 

 The inscription on the symbolic plaque, of course, echoes an informal campaign slogan Ernst employed to great effect in 2014, and was featured in the following ad:

While positioning herself as a Washington outsider helped get her elected, the next chapter in her life will find her working with insiders like Graham. It remains to be seen whether her new gift will remain fixed on a wall, or come in handy on the Senate floor. 

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