ALEC Has Kind Words for Blue States

The conservative group highlights that some of the most Democratic states cut taxes last year.

The American Legislative Exchange Council's new report on state finances highlighted a cluster of “traditionally blue states” that cut taxes in 2014, putting states like Maryland and Rhode Island in sync with at least one policy supported by the conservative group.

This is exactly the type of report that blue-state governors like to cite when touting their records, particularly when speaking to local chambers of commerce.

In total, ALEC found that 14 states “substantially cut taxes” in the last 12 months. Four of the Democratic states—New York,  Minnesota, Rhode Island and Maryland—made the list by slashing their estate taxes (or, as ALEC likes to call them, “death taxes”) in some way. Michigan was included for cutting its business personal property tax.

Others places noted in the report are states that reliably cut their taxes each year, such as Kansas, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.

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