DuPont Drops $4.46 Million to Defeat Oregon's GMO-Labeling Initiative

Already the most expensive ballot measure in the state's history, the DuPont donation set a new record for the most raised by any one side in a voter initiative campaign.
Photo by Badmanproduction

It's crunch time in Oregon's battle over genetically modified foods. DuPont Pioneer, one of the country's leading GMO seed manufacturers, has donated $4.46 million to try and defeat Measure 92, a ballot initiative that would require labels on any food product that contains genetically modified ingredients. 

The new cash infusion means that $16.3 million has now been raised by opponents of Measure 92, a new record in the state for the amount a given side has been able to bank in an initiative fight, the Oregonian reported. 

The measure is also the most expensive ballot measure in state history—with $22.9 million being raised by both sides—but the bulk of that sum has come from corporations fighting to defeat the initiative. Monsanto, the Missouri-based seed developer, has also donated a reported $4 million to try and defeat Measure 92. 

An Oregon Public Broadcasting/Fox 12 poll in early October found that 49 percent of voters supported Measure 92, while 44 percent opposed it. Seven percent were undecided.



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