Republican Mapmakers in Virginia Rebuked by Federal Judges

It's good news for Democrats, who hold just three of the 11 districts in a state that voted for President Barack Obama in 2012.
Photograph by Realtor Action Center/Flickr

A federal court has invalidated a Republican-drawn congressional map in Virginia and ordered the state legislature to revise it in time for the 2016 elections.

That's good news for Democrats, who hold just three of the state's 11 districts in part because of that map (and also because their voters are inefficiently clustered in areas like northern Virginia). A revised map would give Democrats a shot at more House seats in Virginia in 2016, when the state probably will be a battleground in a higher-turnout presidential election.

The judges' opinion, which you can read here, said that Republican mapmakers improperly packed too many black (and staunchly Democratic) voters in the district of Democratic Representative Bobby Scott, who represents parts of Richmond and Norfolk.


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