The Rest of the Clinton Ticket Returns

Former Vice President Al Gore makes a fundraising appeal for Senator Al Franken.

The Clintons — and many of their acolytes — are back in the national conversation. Jeb Bush is edging onto the national stage, bringing along another familiar name from that era. Now Al Gore is back, too. The former vice president sent out a fundraising missive Friday on behalf of Senator Al Franken, who is facing a challenge from Republican businessman Mike McFadden in Minnesota.  

The message includes some technology-focused Gore-speak — the democracy is being "hacked" by special interests, he says. He praises Franken for protecting net neutrality, along with promoting the more mainstream issue of affordable higher education.

Gore hasn't had a big presence in electoral politics this cycle, but his name has been in the news. The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner marched in New York City earlier this week along with thousands of demonstrators trying to bring attention to combating climate change.

See email below: 

Dear XXX,

I don’t think this will come as a huge shock to any of you — since Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United and McCutcheon — but our democracy is being hacked by special interest groups and super PACs.

These groups are backed by big names like the Koch brothers. They’re spending millions of dollars to attack progressive leaders all across the country, including my good friend, Al Franken.

Why? Because Al has the audacity to fight for the people. He calls out special interests for ignoring the dangers of the climate crisis, and pushes for action. He fights for consumers and to protect net neutrality. And he is working to make higher education more affordable.

So obviously, special interest groups think Al must go.

How do we take back control of our democracy in the face of all that spending? We come together and take action.

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