How to Welcome a President Without Really Trying

To see President Obama on stage at the Clinton Global Initiative, you wouldn't think he'd just launched airstrikes on Syria the night before. Though President Bill Clinton, introducing Obama, noted of the concerns of the day, Obama started with a short stand-up routine.

He joked that he didn't know what all the fuss was about New York traffic the week of CGI and the UN General Assembly, since he's had no problems. If the very pregnant Chelsea Clinton goes into labor while he's in town, not to worry — she "has my motorcade" at her disposal.

He said he really appreciated getting to follow actor Matt Damon at CGI, and laughed that he'd noticed people trickling out of the room when he replaced Damon on the stage.

And while Hillary Clinton, considering a 2016 presidential bid, has dominated the spotlight at CGI this week, she wasn't onstage to publicly greet her former boss. Obama, plagued by sinking approval ratings, felt an explanation was in order: He told the audience that Clinton had welcomed him ... backstage. 

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