GOP Candidate Has No Idea How an IUD Works

During a gubernatorial debate in Colorado, Bob Beauprez insisted that the birth control device causes abortions.

Colorado Gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez addresses the crowd during a campaign rally with U.S. President George W. Bush and Colorado Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave in Greeley, Colorado, Saturday, November 4, 2006.

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Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez is no fan of the IUD, the popular birth control device used by millions of women.

During Wednesday's debate with Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper, Beauprez explained why. "IUD is an abortifacient," Beauprez asserted. After the debate, he went further. "Do you understand how IUDs work? The egg is fertilized and never allowed to impact," he said, according to the Denver Post. "That's why people who consider that life begins at conception believe (IUDs) are an abortifacient."

In other words, Beauprez is anti-IUD because he believes it causes women to abort fetuses. The problem with that theory, however, is that IUDs actually prevent the fertilization of an egg. 

Abortion has once again become a campaign issue. Colorado and Iowa have personhood amendments on the ballot. But IUDs simply don't belong in this debate, and we'll leave it to The Naked Truth to help explain why:

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