Will The Force Be With 'The Empire Strikes PAC'?

As the grandiosity its name might suggest, a super-political action committee doesn't require much, well, sophistication.

All you really need to create a super-PAC is a simple statement of organization, a bank account and, preferably, at least one deep-pocketed donor who's permitted to give money in unlimited amounts.

And if you don't have a rich benefactor, a sense of humor will do.

"The Empire Strikes PAC" is the super-PAC brainchild of some California high-school students.

The mission, according to its website: "the construction of a safer, more x-wing resistant Death Star."

May the Force be with them.

In a similar vein, "The Inland Empire Strikes PAC" is the real-life leadership PAC of Representative Mark Takano of California, who can use the political fund to make campaign contributions to colleagues and candidates. (Takano represents Riverside County just east of Los Angeles, part of California's Inland Empire.)

Another play-on-words, super-PAC favorite is "Hall and Oates Fans for America," but it didn't get funding from a rich girl or some old man's money: it is now defunct.

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