How the Porkiest Book Launch of All Time Sold in Stores

She doesn't have the draw of Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren. Yet.

The launch of New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's book "Off the Sidelines" enjoyed a week of salacious headlines that would make any author jealous:

"Peers called me porky," wrote Politico.

"Should Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand out the man who called her 'porky'?" asked The Los Angeles Times.

"Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Won't Name Colleague Who Called Her Porky," blared Time.

"I Couldn't Tell My Harasser 'To Go F*** Himself," revealed The Huffington Post.

Hundreds of headlines later, and plenty of cable news coverage, Gillibrand sold just 4,000 books in the first week. That's according to Nielsen BookScan data, which estimates that it tracks 85 percent of the print market, covering from Sept. 9 through Sept. 14. That doesn't come close to Hillary Clinton's new book "Hard Choices" (86,000 in its first week) or Elizabeth Warren's  "A Fighting Chance" (14,000). 

Still, she remains a "#1 Best Seller" in "U.S. Congresses, Senate, and Legislative" by Amazon's standards. And money can't buy the kind words of one five-star reviewer there: "America is lucky," Richard Malmed said. "Good read."

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