Bloomberg 35: Transforming global leaders through education

December 22, 2017

Our Founder and CEO, Mike Bloomberg has always been committed to providing access to education and opportunities for future generations of leaders.  Through Bloomberg Startup, our global education engagement, employees work toward this vision by mentoring people from all backgrounds to support the needs of our local communities.

In this edition of Bloomberg 35, we discuss our collaboration with some of our non-profit education partners, lending our employee’s distinct skillsets to help individuals around the world position themselves to be strong leaders of the future.

Teach First
“It only takes one brilliant teacher to change a child’s life.” This is the belief of Teach First, working for equality of education in England and Wales where the correlation between low income and low academic success is greater than any other developed nation. The organization trains and supports recent graduates and career changers to become inspirational classroom teachers in low-income communities across the two countries.

Bloomberg has supported Teach First since 2010, beginning with a a partnership to recruit, train and place 1,400 new Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) teachers through the STEM Excellence program. In 2016, Bloomberg began supporting the Teach First Innovation Unit which provides entrepreneurs with technical training and expert advice to develop ideas to combat educational inequality.

Teach First is also one of Bloomberg’s key partners for our Bloomberg Startup initiatives with Bloomberg employees volunteering over 625 hours of support last year.

“We met with my startup mentee every three or four weeks and coached them on interviews, hiring, financial forecasting, sales pitches and so on. I also leveraged the resources we have inside Bloomberg to help the founder with website design and legal advice regarding her contracts. It was all a great experience and some of us are still in contact with our startup and help them on a regular basis.” – Hugo Disant, Sales, London

African Leadership Academy
African Leadership Academy (ALA) believes Africa’s greatest need is ethical and entrepreneurial leadership – to tackle youth unemployment, education, health and other areas to create lasting solutions to root problems in Africa.

To develop future African leaders, ALA brings together the most promising 16-19 year olds from across the continent. About 70% of ALA students come from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. As part of ALA’s pre-university program at the Johannesburg campus, the Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum helps students develop critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills while gaining a deeper understanding of Africa. These students then advance to university, with about 80% studying in the U.S. and the majority returning to Africa after graduation to apply their education to improve their home countries.

Bloomberg has been supporting the development of future ethical African leaders at ALA since 2013. Bloomberg began by helping the ALA Student Enterprise program to create a cash management and analytics tool helping students learn how to manage monetary allowances and business transactions.

Today, ALA students actively participate in Bloomberg Startup in a range of activities throughout the school year and internship opportunities with Bloomberg over the summer months. One such student was Edith Waringa Kamau from Kenya, who interned with Bloomberg News in New York and has gone on to found her own company to connect African entrepreneurs around the globe.

ALA continues to support these individuals throughout their lives – by providing ongoing leadership and entrepreneurial training, connections to high-impact networks, internships in college, jobs upon graduation and access to capital to help catalyze large-scale change.

“It was very rewarding to work with Edith, to watch her knowledge and understanding of financial markets and economics grow. Her curiosity and passion about African economies was a refreshing addition to our emerging markets team. We worked on several stories together, and Edith was not only a great help to me, but I also learned by helping her to hone her reporting instincts.” – Gabrielle Coppola, News, New York (who managed and mentored Edith Waringa Kamau’s during her Bloomberg internship)

Tsinghua University
In order to continue to encourage financial journalism in China, Tsinghua University in China started its Global Business Journalism Program (GBJ) in 2007 in collaboration with Bloomberg’s non-profit partner International Center for Journalists (ICFJ). The goal was to become the first international master’s program in China to foster leading business reporters and journalists.

In support of the master’s degree program, Bloomberg gives students the chance to visit the Beijing news bureau and trains them on how to use the Bloomberg Terminal, providing a background in financial markets that they can utilize throughout their careers. Modeling after this success, the Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa program was launched in 2015, in which various Bloomberg employees and leaders regularly host workshops, seminars and conferences for African students, professors, media professionals, government officials and business executives.

At the time of GBJ’s 10th anniversary this year, more than 300 students had graduated from the program. These alumni, half of which are Chinese and the remainder representing 35 countries, now work in top Chinese and international media organizations.

“The success of our Tsinghua project has been to think in multi-year cycles, rather than in classroom hours. In addition to teaching courses and making it a priority for our top managers to visit campus when they travel to Beijing, Bloomberg also hosts a wide range of alumni activities. This provides life-long learning and networking for the students, as well as recruiting opportunities for the company.” – Lee Miller, Bloomberg News, Greater China

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Bloomberg LP was founded 35 years ago and helped revolutionize the financial industry – making it more fair, efficient and dynamic – and that spirit carries through into our philanthropic work. Bloomberg 35 is a series to celebrate our company’s 35th anniversary, by spotlighting 35 non-profit partners throughout the year–as well as the people at Bloomberg who help these organizations reach their goals.

Bloomberg Startup is the company’s global education engagement program offering year-round mentoring and a series of technical and leadership workshops to support academic achievement and college and career readiness for the next generation of leaders. Startup also provides internship and scholarship opportunities for high-achieving high school and college students from our non-profit education partners around the world.