Bloomberg 35: Continuing a legacy of connecting with and protecting nature around the world

June 5, 2017

Bloomberg has long believed that environmental sustainability and conservation in the communities in which we live and work is essential. In this edition of Bloomberg 35, we highlight the way Bloomberg as a company and our employees as citizens have partnered with organizations to protect the environment and connect people to nature around the globe.

Trees for Cities
Trees for Cities brings local people together to revive green community spaces where social and environmental impact is greatest. From engaging volunteers with planting trees in urban areas to improve air quality, transforming school grounds into vibrant outdoor spaces and inspiring children to experience nature.

Our involvement with Trees for Cities includes building Edible Playgrounds to address environmental degradation, support sustainable livelihoods and promote healthy eating for thousands of children across the U.K. Our volunteers even helped create an environmental art installation by Konstantin Dimopolous, coloring trees with eco-friendly paint to highlight the scarcity of urban wildlife across London.

Bloomberg has been supporting Trees for Cities since 2004. Over the years, more than 900 employees have helped plant a total of 177,950 trees in cities across Bolivia, Peru, England, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, United Arab Emirates (pictured) and Nepal.

Royal Parks Foundation
The Royal Parks Foundation raises funds and awareness to support London’s eight Royal Parks – including Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Regent’s Park and Richmond Park – now and in the future. Bloomberg has partnered with the charity since 2003, participating in vital conservation and planting initiatives across some of London’s most iconic green spaces.

Our initial support for the creation of the September 11 Memorial Garden in Grosvenor Square Gardens has expanded to include a multi-year collaboration on the Deckchair Dreams project. Currently, Bloomberg is consulting on their corporate volunteer program to expand community engagement to more green spaces across the U.K.

In 2015, Bloomberg adopted the Buckhill Meadows Conservation Zone in Kensington Gardens providing year-round volunteer support and more than 660 hours for the maintenance, clearing, planting and conservation of this important ecological site.

“As a Londoner, I have visited several of the Royal Parks. What I saw on my first volunteering project opened my eyes to the incredible efforts undertaken by the Royal Parks to maintain and improve these green spaces for the people of London and the world. I realized the neatness, tidiness and beauty that are often assumed by the average park visitor.” – Jeremy Maccelari, London Engineering

Central Park Conservancy
One of Bloomberg’s longest standing environmental partnerships is with the Central Park Conservancy (CPC) in New York City, whose primary mission is to restore, manage and enhance Central Park in partnership with the public. Our support began in 1994 when Mike Bloomberg served as a trustee of the CPC board.

With more than 42 million annual visitors, the Central Park Conservancy relies on 3,000 volunteers each year who contribute more than 55,500 hours of service.

In addition to volunteering on Central Park clean-up days, more than 300 Bloomberg volunteers have teamed up with CPC to serve as environmental stewards and advocates of local parks.

This year, Bloomberg volunteers will be joining CPC in their new partnership with the Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy in beach clean-ups and maintenance along the Rockaway coastline.

“Central Park is truly, a park for the people. Prior to Bloomberg, I worked at the Central Park Conservancy for 12 years. My service to the CPC is deeply personal and with the collective support from companies like Bloomberg and the public, we can all help maintain and preserve this national historic landmark for generations of New Yorkers and visitors to come.” – Erana Stennett, Philanthropy and Engagement, New York

Anacostia Watershed Society

The Anacostia River has gone from being a great natural resource in the early days of Washington, D.C., to becoming one of its most polluted. Bloomberg actively supports the initiatives of the Anacostia Watershed Society to help return the river to its natural splendor and engage the community through advocacy and volunteer opportunities.

Since 2014, Bloomberg employees have spent more than 450 hours in canoes and on land cleaning the Anacostia River. In 2016, Bloomberg sponsored the Anacostia Watershed Society’s newest boat, the Lotus Bloom, to provide environmental education tours and local cleanup activities.

This past year at the Anacostia River Festival, Bloomberg donated bicycles for children living in the Anacostia community and Bloomberg volunteers were there to help build and distribute bikes.

“Growing up my family was always big on caring for the environment, and volunteering with the Anacostia Watershed Society through Bloomberg’s Philanthropy and Engagement program has been such a joy. The most rewarding experience was when a young lady arrived late to the Anacostia River Festival to pick up a bike, but there were no bikes left. Our team went into the truck, found an extra unassembled bike, commandeered the tools and built a bike just for her. The smile on the girl’s face was infectious!” – Peter Brusoe, Bloomberg Government, Washington, DC

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Bloomberg LP was founded 35 years ago and helped revolutionize the financial industry – making it more fair, efficient and dynamic – and that spirit carries through into our philanthropic work. Bloomberg 35 is a series to celebrate our company’s 35th anniversary, by spotlighting 35 non-profit partners throughout the year–as well as the people at Bloomberg who help these organizations reach their goals.