Bloomberg Personalities

  • Shery Ahn

    Shery Ahn

    Shery Ahn is a reporter for Bloomberg Television. Based in Hong Kong, Shery covers business and economic developments bringing broad journalism experience and a wealth of knowledge of the Asia Pacific region.

  • Haslinda Amin

    Haslinda Amin

    Haslinda Amin is a news correspondent and anchor for Bloomberg Television. She is based in Singapore, Amin has been at the heart of market makers and stories that have driven the transformation of Southeast Asia.

  • Michael  Barr

    Michael Barr

    Michael Barr joined Bloomberg as a news anchor in 2014.

  • Mark Barton

    Mark Barton

    Mark Barton is a London-based anchor on Bloomberg Television. He is the co-host of "Countdown", the agenda-setting morning program shaping the European business day for viewers.

  • Jeff Bellinger

    Jeff Bellinger

    Jeff Bellinger spent about five years in music radio until he made the transition to radio news.

  • Michael Best

    Michael Best

    Michael Best is co-host of “Bloomberg Law” on Bloomberg Radio. He is also Chief Operating Officer of Bloomberg.LP Industry Verticals, and he previously served within the company as Michael Bloomberg’s chief of staff.

  • Gina  Cervetti

    Gina Cervetti

    Gina Cervetti is an award-winning radio journalist, who joined Bloomberg in 2015, after about a decade at the Wall Street Journal Radio Network.

  • Emily Chang

    Emily Chang

    Emily Chang is the San Francisco-based anchor and executive producer of "Bloomberg Technology," Bloomberg Television's weekday technology program airing at 6 pm ET / 3 pm PT from the network's San Francisco studio.

  • Rosalind Chin

    Rosalind Chin is a reporter for Bloomberg Television. Based in Hong Kong, Rosalind provides in-depth reports on business and current affairs across the Asia-Pacific.

  • Caroline Connan

    Caroline Connan

    Caroline Connan is an international correspondent for Bloomberg Television based in Paris covering French business news from companies to politics.

  • Ed  Coury

    Ed Coury

    Ed Coury has been in radio news since the age of 19, when he worked at a public radio station in his native Pittsburgh

  • Catherine Cowdery

    Catherine Cowdery

    Catherine Cowdery is a reporter for Bloomberg Radio, providing news and market updates for Bloomberg Radio's evening programming.

  • Manus Cranny

    Manus Cranny

    Manus Cranny is a UAE-based anchor for Bloomberg Television. He currently co-anchors “Bloomberg Markets: Middle East”, Bloomberg Television’s new, prime-time morning show focusing on the cross-section between the region’s politics, markets, economies and companies.

  • Mark Crumpton

    Mark Crumpton

    Mark Crumpton is anchor of "Bloomberg Markets" appearing each day from 1:00pm to 2:30pm ET.

  • Bryan Curtis

    Bryan Curtis

    Bryan Curtis is a journalist and media executive who has resided in Hong Kong since 1991.

  • Vinny Del Giudice

    Vinny Del Giudice

    Bloomberg First Word reporter Vinny Del Giudice is a regular contributor to Bloomberg Radio.

  • Joan Doniger

    Joan Doniger

    Joan Doniger is a veteran news broadcaster with a background both in radio and television.

  • Courtney Donohoe

    Courtney Donohoe

    Courtney Donohoe is a reporter and newscaster for Bloomberg Radio.

  • Anna Edwards

    Anna Edwards

    Anna Edwards co-anchors "Countdown" with Mark Barton broadcast live from London every weekday from 6am to 8am London time.

  • Stephen Engle

    Stephen Engle

    Stephen Engle is an award winning Hong Kong-based reporter, covering breaking news on the business and financial markets of greater China and the rest of Asia.

  • Jonathan Ferro

    Jonathan Ferro

    Jonathan Ferro is a New York-based anchor for Bloomberg Television's morning show "Bloomberg <GO>" and host of "First Word Europe" on Bloomberg Radio.

  • Pimm Fox

    Pimm Fox

    Pimm Fox is co-host of "Taking Stock" on Bloomberg Radio weekdays from 2:00-4:30pm ET.

  • Scarlet Fu

    Scarlet Fu

    Scarlet Fu is anchor of "Bloomberg Markets" appearing each day from 12:00 to 2:00pm and co-host of "What'd You Miss?", Bloomberg TV's flagship markets program which airs weekdays from 4:00-5:00pm.

  • Yousef Gamal El-Din

    Yousef Gamal El-Din is a Dubai-based anchor for Bloomberg Television. He currently co-anchors “Bloomberg Markets: Middle East”, the network’s new, prime-time morning show focusing on the cross-section between the region’s politics, markets and economies. The program airs Sundays to Thursdays at 8AM Dubai (12PM Hong Kong) from Bloomberg’s new studio in the heart of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

  • June Grasso

    June Grasso

    June Grasso hosts Bloomberg Radio's weekly show on the major legal issues affecting business: Bloomberg Law.

  • Brendan Greeley

    Brendan Greeley

    Brendan Greeley is co-anchor of Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance" and a staff writer at Bloomberg Businessweek.

  • David Gura

    David Gura

    David Gura, a correspondent for Bloomberg Television, anchors "Bloomberg Markets" every weekday, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET. He is also a regular on Bloomberg Radio, delivering the "First Word" newscasts that air on the network's flagship stations in New York, Boston, and San Francisco.

  • Mark Halperin

    Mark Halperin

    Mark Halperin is co-managing editor of Bloomberg Politics, a new multi-platform brand that leads Bloomberg's political and policy coverage across all platforms.

  • Kathleen Hays

    Kathleen Hays

    Kathleen Hays is the host of “Taking Stock” on Bloomberg Radio, a weekday program that covers the forces driving the U.S. and global markets, from broad macroeconomic forces to the latest investment trends.

  • John Heilemann

    John Heilemann

    John Heilemann is co-managing editor of Bloomberg Politics, a new multi-platform brand that leads Bloomberg's political and policy coverage across all platforms.

  • Albert R Hunt

    Albert R Hunt

    Al Hunt is a Bloomberg View columnist and regular contributor on Bloomberg Television.

  • Caroline Hyde

    Caroline Hyde

    Caroline Hyde is a Berlin-based European business correspondent for Bloomberg Television. She currently anchors `On The Move', the channel's primetime market-opening show that airs at 7:30-9:00am U.K. time (8:30-10:00am CET).

  • Julie Hyman

    Julie Hyman

    Julie Hyman is a reporter for Bloomberg Television, covering daily market moves and diving into trends in stocks, bonds and currencies. She also tracks breaking news throughout the network's "Bloomberg Market" coverage from 10:00am - 4:30pm ET every day.

  • David Ingles

    David Ingles

    David Ingles is a markets and business correspondent for Bloomberg Television, and a co-anchor for First Word Asia on Bloomberg Radio.

  • Ramy Inocencio

    Ramy Inocencio

    Ramy Inocencio is a Bloomberg Television correspondent in New York reporting on finance and technology.

  • Greg Jarrett

    Greg Jarrett

    Greg Jarrett is co-host of Bloomberg Radio's Bloomberg Best. Prior to Bloomberg, Jarrett was a morning host on WGN in Chicago, an anchor/host/correspondent on KGO Radio in San Francisco, and a correspondent for ABC News.

  • Tracy  Johnke

    Tracy Johnke

    Tracy Johnke reported business news at the Associated Press and MarketWatch Radio before she joined Bloomberg in 2015.

  • Guy Johnson

    Guy Johnson

    Guy Johnson is a London-based anchor on Bloomberg Television and host of the weekday program "The Pulse," covering top business, economic and market-moving stories from around the world.

  • Cory Johnson

    Cory Johnson

    Cory Johnson covers technology, innovation and the future of business throughout the day on Bloomberg Television. He also anchors "The Advantage" on Bloomberg Radio with Carol Massar, daily from 7am to 11 am PT/ 10 am to 2 pm ET.

  • Tom Keene

    Tom Keene

    Tom Keene is anchor of "Bloomberg Surveillance" appearing each day on Bloomberg Television from 5:00-7:00am ET across the globe and on Bloomberg Radio from 7:00-10:00am ET.

  • Larry  Kofsky

    Larry Kofsky

    Larry Kofsky has been the voice of business on 1010 WINS in New York since 1989. Before joining Bloomberg, he was a radio anchor for MarketWatch Radio Network and CNBC Radio.

  • Doug  Krizner

    Doug Krizner

    Doug Krizner's on-air radio experience began more than thirty years ago and includes historic KDKA in Pittsburgh.

  • Francine Lacqua

    Francine Lacqua

    Francine Lacqua is an award-winning, London-based anchor and editor-at-large for Bloomberg Television.

  • Angie Lau

    Angie Lau

    Angie Lau is an anchor for Bloomberg Television. Based in Hong Kong, Angie hosts First Up, which begins live daily coverage out of Asia, leading viewers into the start of the business day.

  • Arthur Levitt

    Arthur Levitt

    Arthur Levitt, who is a member of the board of Bloomberg LP, is the host of Bloomberg Radio's "A Closer Look with Arthur Levitt," a weekly program featuring one-on-one interviews with the brightest minds in business and politics.

  • Betty Liu

    Betty Liu

    Betty Liu is anchor of "Bloomberg Markets" appearing each day from 10-11 am ET and the European Close from 11am-12 pm with her co-anchor in London Mark Barton. Betty also anchors market coverage leading up to the closing bell from 3-4 pm ET.

  • Haidi Lun

    Haidi Lun is a presenter-reporter for Bloomberg Television and Bloomberg Radio. Based in Hong Kong, Haidi covers financial markets as well as general business news and trends across Asia-Pacific.

  • Tom MacKenzie

    Tom MacKenzie is Bloomberg TV's China correspondent based in Beijing.

  • Yvonne Man

    Yvonne Man

    Yvonne Man is the Hong Kong anchor for “Daybreak Asia”, Bloomberg Television’s flagship morning programme, delivering viewers the most pressing global business and financial information as U.S. markets close and Asian markets open.

  • Willem Marx

    Willem Marx

    Willem Marx is a reporter for Bloomberg Television, and writes occasionally for Bloomberg Businessweek.

  • Carol Massar

    Carol Massar

    Carol Massar is co-host of "The Bloomberg Advantage" on Bloomberg Radio and an anchor/reporter on Bloomberg TV.

  • Michael McKee

    Michael McKee

    Michael McKee is a radio host and the economics editor for Bloomberg Television, covering market and political developments, economic trends and central banks in the United States and around the globe.

  • Matt Miller

    Matt Miller

    Matt Miller is a reporter for Bloomberg Television, covering the auto and aviation industries, and is the markets correspondent for Bloomberg <GO>.

  • Mark Mills

    Mark Mills

    Mark Mills is the co-host of Bloomberg Businessweek on Bloomberg Radio.

  • Bob Moon

    Bob Moon

    Bob Moon joined Bloomberg in 2013 after serving 12 years as senior business correspondent and New York bureau chief for public radio's Marketplace.

  • Karen Moskow

    Karen Moskow

    Karen Moskow is a news and business anchor for Bloomberg Radio, appearing daily on “Bloomberg - The First Word" and "Bloomberg Surveillance." She also co-hosts "Bloomberg Businessweek Radio."

  • Katherine Oliver

    Katherine Oliver

    Katherine Oliver is a principal at Bloomberg Associates and a contributor to Bloomberg Radio. Previously, Katherine served as the Commissioner of the City of New York’s Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment (2002-2013) and as General Manager of Bloomberg Radio & Television.

  • Andrew O’Day

    Andrew O’Day

    New Yorkers and Bostonians listen to Andrew O’Day deliver Bloomberg market and economic reports every weekday morning on top-rated news stations 1010 WINS and WBZ.

  • Alisa  Parenti

    Alisa Parenti

    Alisa Parenti anchors live Bloomberg business reports for major radio stations in Chicago, Detroit and New York.

  • Denise Pellegrini

    Denise Pellegrini

    Denise Pellegrini delivers the Bloomberg Real Estate Report.

  • Charlie Pellett

    Charlie Pellett

    Charlie Pellett is a veteran news anchor and reporter for Bloomberg Radio. He is based in New York City.

  • Steve  Potisk

    Steve Potisk

    Steve Potisk is an award-winning broadcast journalist with more than 20 years of experience. He anchors business and financial news reports for Bloomberg Radio affiliates from coast to coast.

  • Vonnie Quinn

    Vonnie Quinn

    Vonnie Quinn is a New York-based anchor for Bloomberg Television. She co-hosts "Bloomberg Surveillance" with Tom Keene in New York and Francine Lacqua in London.

  • Barry  Ritholtz

    Barry Ritholtz

    Barry L. Ritholtz is the host of Bloomberg Radio's Masters in Business and is a columnist for Bloomberg View. He is also the founder and chief investment officer of Ritholtz Wealth Management.

  • Charlie Rose

    Charlie Rose

    Charlie Rose is executive editor and anchor of "Charlie Rose," the nightly one-hour interview program that engages in one-on-one, in-depth conversation and round table discussions about important issues and ideas of our time.

  • Rishaad Salamat

    Rishaad Salamat

    Rishaad Salamat is one of Bloomberg’s longest-serving TV anchors. He has been based in Hong Kong since 2010 and features on weekday morning shows Trending Business and Asia Edge.

  • Juliette Saly

    Based in Hong Kong, Juliette Saly is a reporter for Bloomberg Television where she covers business and economic developments that move Asia's financial markets.

  • Erik Schatzker

    Erik Schatzker

    Erik Schatzker interviews the most important bankers and business people around the world for Bloomberg Television.

  • Patrice  Sikora

    Patrice Sikora

    Patrice Sikora delivers business reports for Bloomberg Radio affiliates around the country including WLW in Cincinanti, KOGO in San Diego and KEX in Portland, Orego

  • Alix Steel

    Alix Steel

    Alix Steel is anchor of "Bloomberg Markets" appearing each day from 12:00 to 2:00pm and co-host of "What'd You Miss?", Bloomberg TV's flagship markets program which airs weekdays from 4:00-5:00pm.

  • John Tucker

    John Tucker

    John Tucker is an anchor on Bloomberg Radio. He appears on Bloomberg Radio's weekday morning program, "Bloomberg Surveillance," in addition to anchoring the nationally syndicated "Bloomberg Small Business Report" and writing breaking news headlines for Bloomberg News. Tucker is based in New York City.

  • Joe Weisenthal

    Joe Weisenthal

    Joe Weisenthal is managing editor of Bloomberg Media's markets coverage and co-host of "What'd You Miss?", Bloomberg TV's flagship markets program which airs weekdays from 4:00-5:00pm ET. Joe leads the editorial development of markets and finance coverage across Bloomberg's digital brands, which sit at the core of the company's new media strategy.

  • David Westin

    David Westin

    David Westin anchors Bloomberg Television’s new morning program, Bloomberg <GO>, airing weekdays from 7-10 am ET. The show provides viewers with what they need to know, together with facts and perspectives they can’t get anywhere else. Each day, Bloomberg <GO> draws upon the vast resources of Bloomberg—news, intelligence, data, analytics, reporters, experts, influences, and decision-makers—from every corner of the globe in the goal of making smart people smarter.

  • Donna Wilson

    Donna Wilson

    Donna Wilson is an award-winning reporter and anchor for Bloomberg Radio. Donna anchors newscasts for Bloomberg’s urban affiliates.

  • David  Wilson

    David Wilson

    David Wilson is a Bloomberg News columnist and co-host of "Taking Stock" on Bloomberg Radio.

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