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Dave Lee

A New Twitter CEO Won’t Change Who Calls the Shots

The only thing more stressful than working under Elon Musk may be working over him.



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Elon Musk appears to have finally found, to use his phrase, someone “foolish enough to take the job” as Twitter chief executive officer. It ends a months-long search and could begin a turnaround at the social network we love to hate.

If reports prove correct, that someone is Linda Yaccarino, NBCUniversal’s head of advertising. She is yet to comment, but Comcast Corp., NBCU’s parent, announced her departure on Friday. (Update: Musk later confirmed the appointment in a tweet.) Yaccarino would bring the expertise and experience needed to tempt vanishing ad spend back to the platform, potentially reversing a trajectory that some analysts believe has Twitter in a death spiral.