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Parmy Olson

Sorry, Twitter. Elon Found His Next Shiny Object.

A grand new AI mission awaits the erratic billionaire while his social media platform loses more staff, advertisers and credibility. 

Moving on?

Moving on?

Photographer: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

For all his childish behavior on Twitter, Elon Musk would still like us to believe in his noble ambitions to make the world a better place. His space exploration company will make humans an interplanetary species, electric car maker Tesla Inc. will move us toward sustainable energy and his newly acquired Twitter will become a haven of free speech and healthy debate.

Actually that last goal isn’t going so well. Twitter stands little hope of becoming a financial or cultural success under Musk as he continues to drain the online platform of talent, revenue sources and integrity. His latest antic has been to deflect criticism of Dilbert creator Scott Adams for a bizarre and racially offensive tirade on YouTube and blame “the media” for being racist instead.