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Martin Ivens

What Does Sunak Stand For? His Party Needs to Know

Internal Tory dissatisfaction is always an opportunity for renegades on the Right. Boris Johnson and Liz Truss haven’t gone too far.



Photographer: Pool/Getty Images Europe

Britons loyal to the dashing Bonnie Prince Charlie of the exiled Stuart dynasty in the 18th century used to toast “the King over the Water.” In some Tory circles, the new King over the Water is the one the party ditched not so long ago — former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Perhaps more surprisingly, another large group of Conservative MPs keeps faith with the ousted Queen-in-exile Liz Truss, Johnson’s 44-day successor. 

Can Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his Chancellor Jeremy Hunt silence the rumblings on the Right? It is a question worrying those ministers and supporters who turned to the moderates in the chaos of last year in hopes of avoiding a looming electoral collapse.