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Sarah Green Carmichael

Quiet Quitting Is the Fakest of Fake Workplace Trends

But even if we’re not all quiet quitting, lying flat or joining the Great Resignation, these “movements” send a signal about work.

Out by 5pm.

Out by 5pm.

Photographer: Spencer Platt/Getty Images North America

Perhaps you’ve heard of “quiet quitting.” It’s telling that the phrase has taken off on social media — but this is the fakest of fake “workplace trends.”

Think of it as the third iteration of dubious pandemic work-related fads. After the original Covid-19 variant, we heard about the Great Resignation, but the data didn’t support it beyond a few sectors hit hard by lockdowns such as hospitality. Then came the delta wave and the “lie flat” movement, another trend based largely on anecdata and a catchy phrase. In the aftermath of omicron, we’ve got quiet quitting.