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Adam Minter

China Is Cranking Up Its Global Propaganda Machine

While Russia's disinformation campaign has absorbed most of the world's attention, the communist nation has been investing heavily in the future of its "external messaging."

Cranking up the volume.

Cranking up the volume.

Photographer: Alexandr Demyanchuk/AFP via Getty Images

Next month Xi Jinping will receive a third term as China's top leader and Beijing's purveyors of propaganda are determined to shape how you think about that.

In a recent essay, Fu Hua, editor-in-chief of Xinhua, China's largest and most influential state news agency, outlined how he and others like him can crank up the "volume of China" and dominate the global public opinion debate. Among other steps being taken, he claims, is an ongoing effort to "strengthen" Xinhua's accounts on overseas social media services like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.